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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hampden Unveil Expansion Plans

In keeping with the demand for quality aged rums, Hampden recently unveiled plans for the development of state-of-the art rum ageing warehouses. The proposed warehouses are designed to achieve exacting  specifications for proper and deep maturation environments necessary to develop quality aged rums in oak charred Bourbon Barrels.  The development will also include a Visitor Center with a contiguous Product Development Center.

Hampden Distillery is unique in that it produces rum from one of two sources, Sugar Cane Juice (Rum Agricole) or from Molasses (Rum Industrial). Hampden also utilizes both Sugar Cane Juice and Molasses in combination with other wash materials in the making of it's rums. Hampden Distillery is the only distillery in Jamaica that specialize exclusively in the making of Heavy Pot Still rums and having the production means and methods to reduce its ester ranges below 50 esters (very light pot category).

Proposed Master Plan

Hampden, for more than two centuries have supplied special marques to various rum companies throughout the world. Consequently, Hampden’s distinctive marques can be found in many brands marketed worldwide  under various labels. Hampden Distillery currently produces 1 million liters of absolute alcohol (86% Alcohol By Volume) yearly with an upper production capacity of 3 million liters annually.

Quality check on Hampden Rum currently being housed in one of its 1930's sugar warehouse facility.

Each of the 5 proposed Rum ageing  warehouses will have a capacity of holding 8 thousand barrels.The new facility will allow Hampden to develop one of the most unique rum bank in the world having the potential to blend and market rums to meet the most exacting demands. The warehouse and visitor center facilities were designed to achieve sustainable standards necessary to fulfill the distilleries move toward a carbon neutral reality.

Hampden recently received the BID Quality Award in Paris for business/product innovation and has won two silver medals and the Gold Medal from the IWSC for its Rum Fire Brand which was first marketed in March of 2011.