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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rum Fire Cocktails

This post is in response to a continued stream of requests for cocktail recipes and although Rum Fire  recipes can be found on a variety of sites I thought it necessary to post a few on the blog. I have also included recipes for Hampden Gold and will post others as soon as possible as they become available. In the interim, please feel free to email me (via Blog comments) any special cocktail you may come across featuring Hampden Rums.

In addition to the above recipes you may want to view the following  to see one of Rum Fire  Mixologist demonstrate the right way to create the very popular Rum Fire Daiquiri

The following "Reggae Rum Punch" was posted on the Drinks Enthusiast Blog by David Marsland. Dave was featured in this blog in 2012 after his visit to Hampden Distillery.
According to Dave, "Rum Fire don’t recommend to drink its spirit neat, but instead to mix with ingredients to really enjoy its full flavour. "

Reggae Rum Punch (1)
Glass -
Ingredients -
50 ml Rum Fire
50 ml Fresh Pineapple juice
50 ml Fresh orange juice
25 ml Fresh lime juice
12.5 ml Grenadine

Method -
Shake with plenty of ice and serve in a Hurricane glass. Garnish with a pineapple slice.