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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Explore the Art of Rum - Hampden Rum Fire

Tasting Notes

We would like to thank Dave Russel for the wonderful notes he wrote about Hampden Distillery and in particular his tasting notes on Rum Fire.  The following are excerpts from his article........." Very Smooth. Don’t be fooled by the absence of color. While Rum Fire is silvery and perfectly clear, this potent rum makes its presence known immediately after pouring. Scents anxiously leap from the bottle like flame from a fire. Bouquet is high ester all the way, as if you were entering the building where Hampden Estate keeps its fermentation tanks. Aromas are wildly pungent, you are transported to the distillery’s smells of decaying dunder, by organic aromas of rotting tropical fruit and vegetal sugarcane grassiness, but somehow Rum Fire smells perversely, appealingly sweet."

Dave continues........." AnecdotesIn all truth, Hampden Estate is the most different distillery I have ever visited or heard of. It is difficult to overstate the many facets that make Rum Fire overproof rum unique."

In Daves opinion ..." If Rum Fire were a date, she’d be the kind you could never take home to mother. In fact, you'd probably skip dinner altogether. Straight to the action; she’s always ready and you’d better be up for it, for soon after enjoying the pleasures of Rum Fire, you’ll be looking for a comfy place to sit and appreciate her charms.

The most popular overproof rums in America are closer to neutral spirits than anything showing characteristic rum flavor. That has given the category a bad name. Shame, because Rum Fire unequivocally shows us that overproof doesn’t mean underflavored. Rum Fire is the first rum produced by Hampden for sale to the local market. Distribution in the USA and Germany are in the works. Rum Fire is going to put heat on the overproof rum category, and a new generation of fantastic cocktails will happen. Great rum, great timing."

The rum team at Hampden salutes Dave for his review and wish him all the best in his travels to the world's most unique distilleries.

For more information you can log on to Dave's Rum Gallery - Tasting Notes at 

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