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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Washington DC, Welcomes Hampden Rums

An Evening With Hampden at The City 

Club of Washington

Founded in 1987, The City Club of Washington is located in the heart of the business and theater district. The City Club is where a diverse, dynamic and forward looking membership builds upon the heritage and principles of its Founding Board of Governors through business, social and community activities.

  Recently, The City Club of Washington, D.C. held its Annual Pink Tie Soiree Charity in October, which included a rum tasting featuring Hampden Estate's rums, Rum Fire and Hampden Gold...these premium rums, in various blends and cocktails, were introduced to a new, yet initiated group of club members and their guests, renowned for their knowledge of the rums of the world. The charity classic event also raised needed funding to support the early detection and treatment of breast cancer of which Ms. Shondia McFadden-Soberi, a cancer survivor was the featured guest speaker.

What the group experienced was more than just your typical spirits tasting – it was the introduction and exposure to the history of rums of Jamaica as well as an appreciation, as told through a narrative by Outram Hussey of Hampden Estate, that placed into context the history surrounding the reintroduction of one of Jamaica's oldest historic estates with its new modern technologies and ecological practices that not only have produced a new wonderfully rich rum, but also the contribution of new sustainable industry practices to the Parish of Trelawny, Jamaica . Hampden Estate is a subsidiary of Everglades Farms Ltd that operates the Long Pond Sugar Factory and have invested significantly in the rebuilding of the economic base of the region. Hampden rums represent a revival  in the longstanding traditions of rum making and represent the continuing of the culture of authentic pot rum fermentation and maturation.

Outram Hussey in conversation with a Rum Connoisseur


From Hampden Estate, this wonderful white overproof rum, Rum Fire, made from fermented sugarcane juice and molasses, is unique in flavor and style. Its hint of woodiness adds to the well balance, clean taste. Rum Fire’s aromatic flavor adds a “touch of zing” to a refreshing fruit drink or punch. The Hampden Distillery, as part of its sustainable practices, is the only distillery in Jamaica that recycle’s its Dunder, (a byproduct of the distillation process) back into the making of its rums. This along with other natural processes, is one of the reasons that Hampden Estates Rum Fire and Hampden Gold are international award winning premium rums! 

In short, an evening of history, the culture of rum, the taste of this new rum spirit, all in a lively upbeat Jamaican vibe!!!!

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