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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sweet Jamaican Waters That Make Rum Fire Great

At Hampden Estate we receive many visitors and earlier in the year we were visited by Mr. Steve Bennett who write posts for The Uncommon Caribbean, a publication that celebrate the undiscovered charms of Caribbean travel and culture. Steve said of Hampden

The Hampden Distillery Dam

 "The whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, as Aristotle once opined, but I still say you need quality parts to produce the finest things. A Ferrari just wouldn’t be a Ferrari with a four-cylinder Honda engine under the hood, you know?

In much the same way, Rum Fire Overproof Rum could never be as fantastic and authentically Jamaican as it is without the natural elements that inhabit the Hampden Estete Distillery where it’s made in Trelawny.

Among the oldest and most revered estates in Jamaica, Hampden dates all the way back to 1753. Sugar was king then, but today the Estate chiefly builds upon its strong rum heritage, producing the world’s most eagerly sought after heavy pot still rums. The great folks at Hampden Estate maintain the authenticity of yesteryear in their current line up of rums the easy way: they simply follow the same old rum-making recipes and techniques that built the Estate’s legend over the centuries.

They also help Mother Nature do her thing, promoting sustainability in all aspects of their operations in order to maintain the unique environmental conditions that give rise to all the quality parts that go into producing their fine rums. These quality parts include everything from the prized Hampden Estate sugar cane and various tropical fruits (all of it still harvested by hand), to the Estate’s proprietary yeast cultures, and even all the water pictured above.

Walking here along the wall that holds back all this special water, watching as fish meander beneath the lilies and dragonflies dart to and fro, it’s well apparent that this is one place where rum-maker and Mother Nature are coexisting beautifully.

We want to thank Steve for this wonderful article as it represent so much of what we do and the authenticity of Hampden Rums.

Please read more of Steve's article at Sweet Jamaican Waters That Make Rum Fire Great

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