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Friday, March 4, 2011

Corporate & Social Responsibility Insights

Everglades Farms entry into Trelawny brings both an economic and social responsibility agenda to the region. Trelawny is noted for sugar production and subsequently many townships depend on the sugar estates for economic viability.   It is the resolve of Everglades Farms to build a more sustainable infrastructure that allows for diversification in employment type and fosters an atmosphere for the development of local businesses.
Chart showing Everglades Farms Ltd. Social, 
Economic & Environmental Integration Matrix

Environment: Everglades Farms written environmental policy covers issues such as energy efficient plant, equipment and operations, electrical co-generation from renewable fuels, water conservation, storm water management, mitigation of airborne pollutants, waste reduction, recycling, and has also set up a safety/health/environmental team that implements such policies.   

Employee Initiatives: The company has a programme to educate cane farmers in the proper planting and care of sugar cane and has encouraged employees to become independent business operators providing valuable services to the estate and employment to others. The estate also encourages local banks to provide loans to responsible contractors and has provided assistance both financially and in agricultural products to responsible farmers in the region.

·Customer Initiatives: Everglades Farms is actively pursuing green initiative programs with its customer base. A program currently under review is the “Green Label” program in Europe where cane farmers can get an additional 20% in crop income by planting, growing and harvesting cane to certain prescribed “Green Standards”. Other initiatives discourages cane farmers from the practice of cane burning to the cutting of green cane which significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Community:  Everglades  charity work includes providing gifts to schools and allowing staff to help schools and charities. The business itself partners with the “Christelle Harris Charity Fund” that have benefited schools such as St. Michaels Basic School and the Benjamin Titus High School in Clarks Town and the Dumfries Basic School in Dumfries District, Trelawny. Everglades is also committed to the establishment of sports in the region and is organizing cricket tournaments to enthuse the region with a competitive spirit most important within the social fabric of the region.

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