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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Support for Local Schools

Curtis Campbell,  Writer Published: Saturday June 5, 2010

"The efforts of former Miss JamaicaWorld runner-up, Christelle Harris, to help the parish of Trelawny are continuing.  Harris, though abroad, recently helped several schools in Trelawny.

The contribution from her foundation, The Christelle Harris Fund, has been boosted by the aid of two entities, Long Pond and Hampden Estates. The combination has been beneficial to the Dumfries Basic School and the St Michael Early Childhood Institution. During a Gleaner article on June 5, 2010, Harris had said "I believe it's unfair for people to endure such poor living conditions", and today, the three schools in question are on their way to achieving their objectives. The 2006 Miss Jamaica World contestant's fund has ensured that students at the Dumfries Basic School now have a safer environment in which to play after the area was fenced.

The fund began in June 2008 with the aim of providing support for patients at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, and had earlier this year launched a series of projects geared at facilitating improvements in schools in Trelawny. The project, which includes Cedric Titus High School, and the two mentioned before is well under way. St Michaels, for instance, was also the beneficiary of a refrigerator and furniture. According to Harris, the basic schools are plagued by unsanitary conditions, and are below standards she is willing to call acceptable. The Cedric Titus High School, which had a dysfunctional drainage system was given a cheque for $1,099, 800 earlier this year.

Harris handed over the cheque herself at a ceremony held at Cedric Titus High School on May 28. At the time, Harris' fund was helped by Everglades Farms and her family and the former beauty contestant had asked that Corporate Jamaica help in the effort. That question is still being asked today, as the Long Pond and Hampden Estates, which are run by Everglades, are still funding the bulk of Harris' philanthropic efforts."

Service and Stewardship
We would like to recognize Ruth and Laurie Hussey for mentoring and supporting a new generation to give back to their communities and to be of service to others.

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