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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So what exactly is it about Hampden's High Esters?

Hampden is renowned throughout the world for its signature High Ester Rums such as the Hampden DOK.  Most people understand esters to be the distinctive smell of bananas, pineapples, apples, oranges etc., but what exactly you may ask is an ester? To begin, esters have nothing to do with the strength of the rum but rather have everything to do with the strength of it's smell or bouquet and hence the reason for Hampden's full bodied flavourful rums. Technically speaking, Esters are organic acids (R-COOH) in concert with a catalyst yielding water as a by-product. At Hampden they are built distinctively complex and sweet with an unforgetable bouquet. You will always be able to identify the authentic Hampden Rum.

Hampden manufacture rums under strict controls of the Jamaican Government monitored by its Excise Officers. Hampden is licensed by the National Environmental Planning Agency and conform to strict manufacturing processes and procedures.  Hampden received the Business Innovation Award (an International award) for its manufacturing and business innovations. Walmart and other Fortune 500 companies have also received this award.

Hampden is the undisputed leader in the authentic manufacturing of High Ester Rums. If you are a manufacturer of scented products, food products or other specialty manufacturer requiring high esters, you may want to consult with us for ester solutions.

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