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Andrew & Outram Hussey

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Rum Hits Jamaican Market,


For more than a century Hampden produced and supplied the world with its exclusive heavy pot high ester bulk rums. During this time many companies developed successful signature rum brands blended with a variety of Hampden’s rums.  What is not widely known is that a market was also being developed locally as the rum found its way into various Rum Bars of western Jamaica and especially in Trelawny. The secret was out as many having a taste for a truly vibrant yet smooth rum, would ask specifically for Hampden JB.  The rum was usually hid behind the counter as the rum represented quantities taken by the angels without the knowledge of management.            

Having a significant following in western Jamaica it became evident that the rum should be released officially and the search was on for the right name. After extensive deliberations the name Rum Fire was born.  In the old days true rum connoisseurs  in Trelawny would test the proof of the rum by pouring it on the table and lighting it. If it burned blue and left no residue, it was Hampden, hence the fire label.

Already, the region is ecstatic about its release to the local market and companies have expressed great interest in partnering with Hampden for the distribution of Rum Fire. It is therefore with great pleasure that Hampden release this truly authentic, historic, smooth, vibrant renegade rum.  It is a rum that you must have.

RUM FIRE coming soon to your region, ask for it, experience it.

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